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Chinese Visa

Having over 75 years of experience in travel to Russia and beyond, IntoRussia offer competitive prices, the fastest processing times and a full visa support and processing service. In addition to providing comprehensive travel services to Russia we supply travel arrangements to China and are able to offer a full Chinese visa paperwork and processing service. All visitors to China require a valid Chinese visa.

As previously mentioned, you must have a Chinese visa when entering China, and this is issued at the discretion of the Chinese Consulate.

We currently offer only Tourist Visas to China.

How to Apply for a Chinese Visa

The process of applying could prove complicated without the help of IntoRussia. Therefore, once you have booked the Chinese visa service with IntoRussia, we can help to make sure that the application form is filled out correctly with our full visa checking service. Please find more information about the Chinese visa application process on our applying for a Chinese visa page.

IntoRussia's Chinese Visa Services

Here at IntoRussia we like to be open with our visa pricing policy, so that you can see where your money goes!

Prices include:

Simply send us your passport, passport photo and application form and we can take care of the rest! Avoid the stress of completing the form without support and the time lost queuing at the Chinese visa centre for submission and collection of your visa.

We will post the completed Chinese visa back to you or you can even pick it up from our London office.

Chinese Visa Invitation

All travellers to China require an invitation in order to apply for a Chinese visa. For tourists, this can often be provided by IntoRussia (for accommodation booked through us) or your hotel.

Chinese Visa Support Documents

To process the visa on your behalf, we will require Chinese visa support documents along with your passport and application form. More information about the required Chinese visa support documents for different types of Chinese visas are specified on the relevant visa pages.

If you book your accommodation with us the visa support documents for your visa will be included. However, if our other services are not required, our full Chinese visa service and visa invitation can also be arranged.

Contact us in London on +44(0)20 7603 5045 to request your Chinese visa support now!

*Visa regulations differ dependant on nationality. Please contact us if you have any queries.

Chinese Visa Applicant Requirements

If you are a UK resident, or have been living in the UK for more than 3 months, you can apply for your Chinese visa with us in London. Otherwise, you should apply via the Chinese visa application centre in your home country or state. There are three Chinese visa application centres in the UK: in London, Manchester and Edinburgh.

Click on the links below for further information about each type of Chinese visa, and our additional visa services and prices:

Tourist visa for China
Applying for a Chinese visa

In addition to organizing Chinese visas, we can also help with visa applications to Russia, Mongolia, Belarus, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Details of how to apply for these are provided on the relevant visa service pages.

IntoRussia is a non-governmental organisation and the services we offer include providing assistance in obtaining a visa to Russia and its neighbouring countries in a timely and efficient manner by checking documentation, ensuring paperwork is completed correctly and by delivering and collecting documents on the client's behalf. Please note that we have no direct influence on the outcome of the application nor the visa processing time. These are determined only by the Consulate Section of the Embassy and they reserve the right to delay your application or require additional documents at any time.